Historical Black College & University Students, Win A Free Trip To Washington DC, Race Ecology Summit, Help End Racism & Apartheid In America Forever By 2020, Race Ecology Summit - Environmental Management Of Race In America, Help End Racism In America Forever - Special Guests & Networking Gala - Sept 2017 - Washington DC

* Ambassador Contest Begins: June 5th 2017 - Ends July 5th 2017 *

1. HBCU Students Earn [1] Point For Each Survey We Receive With Their Member I. D. Attached.

2. There Will Be [3] Students Selected From Each Of The [107] HBCU's In The United States.

3. Two Of The HBCU Students Selected Per School, Will Be Front Line Ambassadors, And One Will Be A Designated Back-Up Or Substitute.

4. Back-Up Ambassadors Will Have The Same Clout And Status As Front Line Ambassadors And Should Be Able To Substitute For Front Line Persons In The Event Of An Emergency Or The Need For A Substation For Any Other Reason.

5.Once The Emergency Has Subsided ... Ambassadors Shall Resume Their Designated Positions ... Without Delay.

5. Seniority Positions For Each HBCU - (School) ... 1st Place ... 2nd Place ... Plus 3rd Place Substitute ... Will Be Determined By The Total Number Of Votes We Receive With Your Student I. D. Attached.

6. Working Groups Will Be Lead By the 1st Place Student That Generates The Most Votes Per HBCU - (School).

7.) Substitutes May Sometimes Be Asked By Group Leader To Attend Some Meetings When And Where Needed.

8.) Substitutes Are Also Expected To Attend Most, If Not All Group Meetings.

9.) Substitutes Are Also Expected To Maintain Scheduling, Appointments, Transportation, Equipment And Any Other Task Needed By Your Team.

10.) Substitutes Are Also Expected To Realize The Importance Their Role Plays In Their Respective Groups ... Not Only Are They The Glue That Holds The Team Together ... Sorta Like A Utility Person ... Able To Step In And Fill Any Role.

Organization And Leadership Structure

1.) Each Of The Working Groups Will Be Individually Lead and Directed By Either:

a.} Stanford University Working Group Coach (Group 1-5)
b.} Georgetown University Working Group Coach (Group 6-10)

2.) Each 'Working Group Coach' Will be Responsible For Coordinating The Working Group They Are Assigned.

3.) Each Of The Working Groups Will Be Individually Tasks With Specific Goals, Objectives and Development Of The Group.

4.) Each Leadership Team Will Meet To Discuss Strategy, Vote And Will Operate Autonomously.

5.) All Working Group Members Will Be Guided By Facts, Principals, Methodologies - Discernment - Theory - Sociology - Mindfulness - Common Sense - Truth - Hypothesis - Strategy - Maturity - Spirituality - Humanities - Values - Apprenticeship - Enlightenment - Mentoring - Wisdom - Experience - Understanding - Law - Morality - Karma - Economic Principals - College Curriculum.

* Ambassador Contest Begins: June 5th 2017 - Ends July 5th 2017 *

Which Candidate Would You Most Likely Vote For In The Next Presidential Election?
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